Remember about a week ago (or a little longer) I found a turtle in the back yard.  I got a comment back from Jill that I should move the turtle so she could be near water but then I could no longer find the turtle.

So Tuesday afternoon Ryan and I were headed out and when I pulled the car out of the garage I looked in my back yard like I always do – checking to see if there are any birds or anything – while I waited on Ryan to get in the car – he can be very slow…   anyway guess who I saw up on the hill along the fence – the Turtle!

Apparently she took a journey for the last week around the full perimeter of my backyard.  I originally found her at the other end of the fence on the other side of the house.  I still don’t know how she even got in the fence but I guess she couldn’t figure it out either since she couldn’t find a place to get back out anywhere along the fence.

So based on Jill’s advice I decided to call my neighbor across the street and ask if I could put the turtle by the creek that runs through their back yard.  (Trudy – if you are reading this I called and talked to John – thank him for saying it was ok – and you have a new friend in your back yard!) 

I carefully picked up the turtle and carried her across the street.

I set her on a sand bar by the water.  The creek is small and in some places doesn’t have any water at all that is above the ground.  So hopefully the turtle is now happy being near the creek and will live happily with Trudy and John!

That’s my turtle update.  Thanks for checking in.