Everyone has probably had their first day of school now.  I counted for us we have had the first day of school 17 times now – that’s 17 years since Kyle started Kindergarten.  And my thoughts on the first day of school are not the same now as they were way back then.  Kyle has gone back to college (he is now working on a Master’s degree) and left lots of stuff in his room and a closet so jam packed with stuff you couldn’t get anything in or out.  So I decided to take everything out of the closet and hopefully get rid of some stuff and reorganize it a minimum.  After pulling everything out I took a picture.  Later in the day I created a scrapbook page and decided to use that picture along with my thoughts on the first day of school now.  I’m usually terrible about journaling but I’m trying to learn to be better – I need to remember to journal as though I’m talking to someone – telling someone a story or answering a question.  So this page is mostly about the journaling.

2013 Family Book-010

The My Digital Studio Elements I used on this page include

  • See Ya Next Year Designer Kit
  • Days to Remember Designer Kit
  • Epic Overlays stamp brush set
  • Storytime Designer Kit
  • Square Punch

I counted the books that I found in Kyle’s room when I sorted them yesterday – 180 – and there could be more hidden that I haven’t come across yet.  Now to decide what to tackle next – the games or the computer parts.

I also submitted this page in the My Digital Studio Challenge (although it might have been late – unless they extended the deadline) – go give it a like and leave me a comment – maybe I can win the challenge.  Here is the link for you.



Enjoy the day!