I found some special eggs on Easter morning – two Blue Bird Eggs in the nest –

She must have laid the first one on Saturday because there weren’t any on Friday.  So there should be another today – they normally 1 egg each day – and usually 4 or 5 total.  Early this morning there were still only 2.

I got this picture of them to0 – the female was inside the house and the male was fluttering around outside.  I’m not quite sure what she was saying to him – maybe “I’m busy right now dear you need to come back later….”

I did see a Tufted Titmouse going into the other house – here is a picture of the nest they are building –

It has moss, and leaves and a little bit of trash in there – a plastic wrapper of some type.  I can’t tell if there are any eggs in it – I wasn’t tall enough to see over the edge of the cup and I couldn’t get the house loose to lower it on the pole.

I thought I would also share some pictures from Easter – I made the big kids hunt eggs too – so Tyler 16 and Kyle 18 hunted along with the younger ones.

This was before they started - bucket heads!

And then I wanted to show you my Hummingbird Cake – I added the Chocolate Bunny decoration to it.  The same as the little M&Ms treats I just put this on on a craft stick and stuck it in the center of my cake.

I hope you had a Happy Easter.  We sure did and the weather was just perfect.  The food was incredible and way more than any of us needed.  What a wonderful family to be a part of!