cedar-waxwingA flock of Cedar Waxwing’s stopped by today.  They came in a big flock.  Here is part of the group getting water from the bird bath.  cedar-w-fountainAnd one by himself getting water from the fountain by my kitchen window.

I think I have only seen them come once or twice before.  They seem to just be flying through and don’t stay here very long.  I think they like my pink pom-pom tree (I can’t remember the real name).  They are hard to see because they blend in with the tree.  But they seem to like the pink flowers on the tree.  There are two of them in this picture in the tree.

The Cedar Waxwing is a very sleek-looking bird.  The tip of their tail is bright yellow and the tips of the wings look like the  have been dipped in red.

cw-in-treeUpdates on the other birds.  The blue bird laid a 5th egg today and that should be the last one.  I’ll check tomorrow for sure.

I wasn’t sure about the chickadee because this morning a pair of the Tufted Titmice stopped by their house and even went inside.  But when I checked a few hours later the chickadee was inside sitting – so she must be done laying eggs now.

The weather was nice today and the boys were cutting grass and working in the yard so the robin seemed to be away from her nest more than what she normally is.

The Towhee was back on her nest.  I checked the egg count again when she flew out – and today – 4 eggs again!  Now it seems to be two smaller eggs instead of just one.  Not sure what is going on with that.

I’m working on a stamping post – I’ll have it out in a little while.  We had family over for dinner and they all just left.