I knew I had a winner out there and she has been found!

It is Stacie from CA.  Congratulations Stacie!  I’ll be sending you your prize in the mail!

Here is her message to me:

“Bingo, bingo, b-i-n-g-o!  I think, i hope…..I just went through all your posts again and somehow I had missed the soccer ball earlier.  !!!!eeeeek!!!!!  I’m so excited!

I have the snowflake, “create”, soccer ball, “handcrafted”, and the owk on a woodgrain background.

Let me know what to do….should I take a pic and send it to you?



With a follow-up message:

“Ok, I was too excited to spell check….obviously the “owk” is an owl.  Ack!


Yes I knew you meant owl!

I’ll get the next group ready and send cards out on Monday 9/27 with the new game starting on Tuesday – 9/28.  That will be Group 4 and I’ll send your cards to you in an email.  Thanks for playing!