The Chick-a-dee babies are here – or at least some of them are!

I checked on Monday and at first peek thought something happened to one of the eggs and then realized it hatched and the baby was lying there.  Let’s just say these little babies are not pretty and they are not cute – but when they grow up they will be.  Here is baby #1 born on Monday, April 11th.

He is in the middle of the other 4 eggs.  So on Tuesday I wanted to check again to see if more eggs had hatched.  I waited until I saw both the mom and dad leave the house and then ran to get a quick peek.  Two more babies today!  Here are #2 and #3 born on Tuesday, April 12th.

It looks to me like the baby that is now on the left is probably #1 – he seems just a bit bigger than the other two.  I’ll peek in again on Wednesday and see if the other two hatch.

I’ve been trying to check on the Titmouse – she is sitting tightly on top of her eggs so I don’t think they have started hatching yet but it should be some time this week too.  I’ll keep you posted.