Sorry this post is so late… I have been working most of the morning on my Monthly Newsletter and also on a newsletter for my PAWS downline group.  I was trying to use some new features that Stampin’ Up! released with an upgrade to our business websites.  With everything new there is a learning curve to figure out the little tricks and things to get it to do what you want when you want it.  Let’s just say I need a little more time – when I was finally done with my PAWS letter I went to save it and nothing happened – apparently I took too long and my session timed out so all was lost!  Save often is maybe a good thing to keep in mind.  Instead of tackling my monthly newsletter with new features I decided to stick with what I was already doing since I am two days behind anyway.

But I’m sure you are much more interested in the title than all of that.  The winner I am referring to is my 50/50 jar winner. I had Kyle pull the winning ticket this morning and here it is:

Oh but wait… you want to see what name is inside – don’t you?  But first let me show you who visited my yard this morning:

A little bitty turtle – of course Aspen found him – but he doesn’t think turtle are very fun – they don’t run like chipmunks do.  So have I stalled enough – you really want to know who won?  How about I tell you what the winner gets?

$50 in Free Stampin’ Up! product from me!  How fun is that?  I love free stuff.  We got several free things during convention including some items from the new Holiday mini catalog that will be starting Sept. 1st.  Make sure to visit my Open House on August 14th if you want to see some sneak peeks from the Holiday Mini – I can’t show you here until later.

Oh – I almost forgot about the winner – but that Holiday mini – is oh so exciting too – you really do want to come see it.

I guess I’m in a weird mood – sorry about that – but OK – now the winner of the 50/50 jar is…..

Make sure you send me an email with your choices!! Congratulations!

Have a fun day!