Had to look to see where I left off.  It’s only day 2!  Which was a really long day.  We got off the train at the depot in Denali and then went across to the visitor center for some lunch and then waited to get on our Tundra Wilderness Adventure Bus.  This was our tour through the park.  This park is huge and has one main road going through it – most of which is only accessible by the bus system.  The entire tour was 8 hours!  We drove I believe 53 miles into the park and then turned around and came back out on the same dirt road.  Along the way we made several stops at “rest areas” for bathroom breaks.  We also stopped whenever we saw any wildlife.  And made a stop at an overlook where we could walk around a bit.  This was another rainy day.  Luckily though the rained was minimal or stopped when we would get off the bus.  It did make for a very dirty bus and dirty windows so with every stop the bus driver got out – pulled a bucket of water (not very clean) out from under the bus and his squeegee and “cleaned” all the windows so that we could see again.  Since these were converted school buses we were able to drop down the tops of the windows to take photos of the wildlife.  And they did give us a snack box and water during the trip too.  Plus a nice photo book.  It is hard to capture the beauty and grandeur of this park on a camera – you really need to be there in the middle of it looking all around you.  Another thing you will notice is the colors starting to change in the foliage.  Apparently while we were there fall was starting and the colors were changing – and from what they said – fall only lasts a couple of weeks and then winter starts.  When we looked at the extended weather forecast there was already some snow predicted about a week out from our trip.  Here are some of the photos that I took.

2014 08 26 0032014 08 26 002

2014 08 26 123

2014 08 26 135

2014 08 26 1342014 08 26 1432014 08 26 133We did see some wildlife too.  And I was the first one on the bus to spot something.  I wasn’t sure what it was – and it took us a while to find it.  It turned out to be a Caribou.   So all total we saw 3 Caribou, 3 Grizzly Bears, 3 Moose, plus a bunch of Dall Sheep.

2014 08 26 006Caribou is in the very center of this first photo looking directly at us.  Then he walked up the hill and up to the dirt path.

2014 08 26 0172014 08 26 0272014 08 26 0372014 08 26 0662014 08 26 0682014 08 26 0902014 08 26 1092014 08 26 119This last photo shows the bear stepping down onto the road and then he crossed directly behind our bus.  I bet whoever was sitting at the back of the bus got some good photos.

At the very end of the trip as it was getting dark we saw the moose.  It was on the other side of the bus from where we sat so I really didn’t get any photos.  Hoping one of the people that we met on the trip will send us their photos.

We arrived late to our hotel that night.

There was one video that we took inside the park – I’ll try to get that posted. Here is the little video  –

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